Property Management

Our Property Management team is knowledgeable, fun, organized and excellent with customer service.

Our property managers are dedicated to your needs. We offer our team incentives for keeping you happy and retaining your services and yet, we are still in many ways more affordable than our competition. This means that they want to earn your business. They want to retain your services and will listen to your needs. We are not a corporate heavy system. We are family driven and believe in family values. Our founding family still manages Property Management since 2003. 

Keeping you Informed With Our APP!

We are dedicated to giving you every detail pertaining to your property with our APP and online portal. You have access to everything!

Online Portal & App

Download our app or visit our website portal that keeps track of rent collected and arrears, tenants phone numbers, comments, work orders, bills, showing appointments and more. You can monitor our progress in real time.

How You Get Paid

The rent will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Automatic Payments

At the beginning of every month our system will generate your payment and pay you with automatic bank transfers once rent is collect. 

FREE Leasing Agent

Our leasing services is FREE with one of our Property Management packages. Leasing services includes, advertising, screening, credit checks, application, lease signing and more.

No Hidden Fees

No secret billing or hidden costs. You’ll never get an invoice for anything you did not approve.  

Maintenance / Quotes

Small or big, we have maintenance crews of all sorts. All of which are fully screened and trusted. We will never surprise bill you! EVER! All emergencies and work orders are fully communicated with you.

Door Sticker

“LANDLORD PROTECTED” Brand your protection to your tenants. You tenants will constantly be reminded that the property is professionally managed. We place stickers for everyone to see on the front door.

Property Management Services
All of our Property Management packages includes all essential services in order to manage your property with extreme care. CLICK LINK BELOW

Put a Sticker on your Door and get LANDLORD PROTECTED!

Successful property management starts with always being visible.

15 Years Ago...
We offer Property Management services in Windsor, Ontario. We’ve been servicing property management in Windsor over 15 years. We understand and know all of the rules, regulations and the landlord and tenant board extremely well. We’ve encountered every situation possible.
We believe strongly that communication in the property management business is the key. We keep our investors informed through every single process. We want to grow the portfolios of our clients.
We offer Real Estate, Renovations, Leasing and Property Management services
Thanks for visiting our website. I founded Rent4All back in 2003. That’s also the year I received my Real Estate License. I worked extremely hard and dug myself out of a horrible economy through the years. I’ve learned the meaning of business and how important it is to investors like the both of us. I understand expenses and I’ve learned ways to avoid them in the property management business. I believe in helping people. I’m a people person! Let my team prove this to you. We are ready to help you build your investment portfolio.