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YES! We manage AIRBNB Properties.

Managing airbnb properties is nothing like managing rental properties. It comes with many more obstacles and different ways of managing. The good thing is that if it's done right it can be a lucrative business.

Our founder Paul Rouillard runs his own airbnb properties and he finds it extremely rewarding!

I'll never go back!

I started my first airbnb on a whim! It was a risk because I truly didn't know the outcome. I decided to go ahead, renovate my unit for airbnb style and purchase all of the furniture etc... Now, I am booked solid for the next few months. Ask to see my listing and calendar. I am happy to show it. I am now opening my second unit for airbnb rentals. I make more money than monthly leases with much less risk and less overhead... I've learned some great strategies and now, I am ready to help my clients with airbnb property management.

Airbnb is not for everyone. It’s also not for every property. You must have the perfect property in the right location with the right set up. Ask Paul Rouillard how to set it up. Call us today!